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Watch: This video perfectly sums up why couples married for years choose to stay together even in a loveless relationship

Spot on!

By: Express Web Desk | Published:September 17, 2016 3:13 pm
Sumukhi Suresh in her witty best as Behti in her latest series Sumukhi Suresh in her witty best as Behti in her latest series

How often have you seen couples who are married for years have absolutely nothing to talk about among themselves, don’t hang out together, don’t bother about each other’s presence and are still living together under the same roof year after year. There’s attachment and there’s concern, which is only natural after sharing lives for a long time but can you call mistake it for love?

Maybe not.

This is what Sumukhi Suresh, a comedian who runs her YouTube channel, is trying to convey in her latest video titled ‘Behti Naak Aur Paanch Minute’. Behti Naak, a 10-year-old mean and vicious girl, is a character she plays in the series by the same name.

“I was a child whose nose used to keep leaking. I wrote Behti Naak almost as a response video to all my childhood experiences and irritations. Also, kids are not all happy and pink and purple. Kids are honest and brutal because they don’t have filters,” Sumukhi told HuffPost India.

In the video, Behti is sitting with her friend when her mother comes and asks her to come and have her food but she denies and enters a conversation with her friend. he asks her if her parents love each other. Her response is straight. “No, they’re in a co-dependent relationship.”

Watch video:

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