WATCH: Have trouble with ‘predictive text’ on your phone? This comedian’s rant is hilariously relatable!

So, do you love or hate the predictive text option on your phone?

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: November 15, 2016 2:43:43 pm
smartphones, naveen richard predictive texting, predictive texting naveen richard funny video, autocorrect jokes, autocorrect funny jokes, predictive texting funny jokes, indian express, indian express news, indian express viral, indian express trending The struggle of texting while predictive texting is lurking around, is real! (Source: Them Boxer Shorts/YouTube)

Technology has undoubtedly made life easier for a lot of us. So much so, everything is just a click away, be it food, a vacation or even our loved ones. And in all probability, we are the most thankful to smartphones. They come with the amazing option of predictive texting, which comes up with options that will complete our sentences themselves. Though, at times it comes really handy, other times the option actually makes us wonder if they know us better than ourselves!

Addressing somewhat the same concerns, this stand-up comedian tells us why we are actually better off without the very “well-programmed” predictive texting!

Well, not exactly, because Naveen Richard, a Bangalore-based comedian, thinks it’s actually mind-blowing at times, since it knows exactly what’s on his mind. And then there are times when his phone is like an “over-enthusiastic dumb charades player” because it is always throwing random words at him that are a far cry from what he was actually thinking.


In a hilarious mono-act in the clip, the comedian takes on the role of ‘predictive texting’, who tries to act all cool by throwing in words like “god, gonorrhea, good morning, good afternoon,” while all the guy wants to write is “going”!

In the barely three-minute video, Richard makes the pain we all face, pretty apparent.

Watch the video here.

But come on, guys, who else has made life easier for us, who still get nightmares of scoring horribly in our spellings tests in school! Of course, predictive texting!

Do you have any funny predictive texting/autocorrect bloopers to share? Tell us in the comments section below!

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