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Watch: This duo goes around touching the hands of people in mall and their reactions are hilarious!

How will you react if some random stranger touched your hand in a public place?

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published:September 21, 2016 12:00 pm
man touches hands of random strangers, people react to random stranger touching them, funny reactions of people startled by man touching their hand, funny youtube videos, funny videos online, indian express, indian express news Man touches random strangers’ hands in the mall and the reactions are hilarious. (Source: Love Rudraksh/YouTube)

The body system of the man has five recognised methods of gaining perception or understanding to his beck and call — hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste. Of all these sensory receptors, touch is something that people respond to, instantly. What’s even interesting is that, each person understands each touch individually, so much so, that even a child can figure out a touch that could gross her or him out. Touch has the quality to generate the most unusual reactions in us, especially if it comes at an unexpected time by an unexpected person, that too. But what happens when a random stranger touches just as much as your hand? That too deliberately?

Which is what this hilarious video probably tried to gauge. How would people react if an absolutely random stranger touches them, not accidentally, but with all the intentions to do so?

Love Rudrakash and Khushi are popular for creating fun YouTube videos and this time they wanted to see the reactions a random stranger’s touch would elicit. And the reactions of people that you will watch here will leave you in splits! The duo decided to play a prank on people in a mall on an escalator and see how people react. The results of this intrusive experiment are absolutely hilarious!

Both of them go around touching people’s hands on an escalator in a mall! While some people were puzzled, some appalled, there was this one guy who could not stand that Rudraksh touched the hand of his female friend! In a hilarious exchange, he asked how dare he touched someone’s girlfriend or friend’s hand like that. Rudraksh then proceeded to touch the guy’s hand and asked him if they were even now, and the guy’s smiling reply was “okay”!

Watch the hilarious video here to see the people’s reactions!

These guys seems to have taken inspiration from a similar prank that took place in France. Watch that video here.

Did you just laugh really hard? Because, we did!