WATCH: These adorable kids messing around with animals in zoo will brighten your day!

This should brighten you up if you are having a bad day.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: November 11, 2016 4:01:02 pm
trending youtube video, cute kid videos, cute baby videos, cute animals with kids videos, animals with kids, kids in zoo videos, viral, trending globally, viral videos, indian express, indian express news, indian express trending These kids are chilling with animals in the zoo like they are best friends! (Source: MS Entertainment/YouTube)

Are all talks about the US elections, demonetisation and the run for new currency exhausting you? Then you definitely deserve a break. This video of kids in a zoo is all things adorable and will lit up a smile on your face.

This YouTube video is a compilation of little kids beside wild animals in a zoo. Some are caught unaware, some think the animals are far from scary, others are fast becoming friends with them. One of the first clips shows a child posing gleefully while a lioness prowls in the back and suddenly jumps at the child, scaring him through the window.

Another shows an adorable little girl peering at a chimpanzee and kissing him through the glass. Not just that, when the chimp starts playing around with her, she was not frightened in the least, and in fact, joined him in banging at the glass window.

While most times we have only heard of cases where monkeys try to imitate humans, a clip in the video shows a little girl trying to imitate a monkey, hopping and jumping around like him.

While the video makes for an absolutely funny watch, it must be noted that the children were allowed to interact with animals while standing within safe premises. While we suggest you don’t let your child go too close when making a visit to the zoo next time, there’s no harm looking at these adorable creatures (both the kids and animals) taking a liking towards each other.

Watch the video here.

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