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Watch: Teens set themselves on fire and jumped into waters for fame on social media

Russian teenagers for some extra "likes" on social media decided to indulge in some reckless adventure that could have cost them their lives.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published:September 14, 2016 9:48 am
teens set themselves on fire and jumped intowaters, video teens set themselves on fire, facebook video teens set themselves on fire, viral videos, viral videos today, russian teens set themselves on fire for fame, indian express, indian express news For more “likes” on social media, this is what some teens did.(Source: Bayaru/Facebook)

Yes, a lot of us love social media and the ‘sense of importance’ we acquire when our photos, videos, comments, opinions and snippets are appreciated by people through their “likes”. History shows how, with just one tweet or photo, the Internet and social networking sites can people famous overnight. So, obviously, when social media is getting people instant fame, this group of boys decided they wanted to do something on the edge, literally, to garner more “likes” on social media, and also earn their fifteen minutes of fame. A group of boys in the south-western city of Penza in Russia decided to stand atop a bridge and set themselves on fire, and then immediately jump into the water. Why? Just for the sake of some fun and fame, you know.

If some more “likes” were what they seeking for, their absolutely dangerous stunt got them definitely more than that. A video of the teenagers jumping into the water body below after having set themselves on fire, was shared online and you’ll find it difficult believing what you see.

In the video, a flammable liquid is shown as being poured on the boy’s coat. Soon after, his friend sets him on fire. The boy jumps into the water and his friends are shown following his lead in this stunt.

Yes, a lot of people seek an adrenaline rush by indulging in adventure sports and activities. While, there are authorised groups that facilitate such recreational activities, these boys decided that was not enough and indulged in this absolutely reckless act, which seems to have happened without any supervision and clearly a danger to ones life. This is something you should never attempt.

Watch the video of the guys jumping into the waters after being set on fire, here. 

We think their stunt was uncalled for, and absolutely reckless. Tell us what you think in the comments below.