WATCH: Sonam Gupta’s ‘truth’ revealed in this hilarious Snapchat video

Did you ever pause to think what happened to Sonam Gupta after social media labelled her 'bewafa'?

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: November 21, 2016 10:43:33 am
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At a time when demonetisation of high value currency notes created chaos across the country, a name came into the limelight, for a very interesting reason. Sonam Gupta — whose tales of ‘unfaithfulness’ were told over and over on social media after a tattered Rs 10 note with ‘Sonam Gupta bewafa hai’ written on it, went viral.

In good humour, while people called all the Sonam Guptas out for breaking this guy’s heart, many actually wanted what she must have wanted to say. In an attempt to unveil the truth, comedian Jayvijay Sachan has shared on Twitter what he calls, Sonam’s ‘Untold Story’.

The hilarious SnapChat video tries to figure out how Sonam Gupta is living her life after being labelled as ‘bewafa’ by her jilted lover and the social media.

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The video shows some of the most amazing actors of Bollywood coming together to play poignant roles in Sonam Gupta’s bio-pic. Apart from Sunny Deol, who ‘plays the lover,’ Nana Patekar, Irrfan Khan and even prime minister ‘Narendra Modi will be seen’ in the ‘movie’! The video shows Nana Patekar obviously disturbed by all the sudden attention that the girl is getting and requests the prime minister for help, Irrfan Khan seems to have a problem with the people’s attitude of blaming Modi for almost everything. But the prime minister, who is not known to shy away from open discussions, comes up with a solution to this problem haunting the nation — he found Sonam Gupta! Sunny Deol is ecstatic.

In the film, she claims she is not the cheating girlfriend that she is made out to be, but also explains why her boyfriend must have done this to her. Are you wondering what it could be?

Watch the video here.


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