WATCH: This sneaky raccoon made a grab at this woman’s lunch; what happened next!

This was one pesky raccoon!

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published:June 14, 2017 1:04 pm
raccoons, raccoons roaming in Costa Rica, raccoons snatching lunches, Indian express, Indian express news Who do you think won in this neck-n-neck fight between raccoon and woman for the lunch bag? (Source: ai le kha/Youtube)

Indians instinctively know that they’re supposed to protect their lunch, phones, cameras and other belongings if they’re walking across a park or in a zoo, or even in the hills, for there’s no guarantee when a monkey will suddenly jump out and grab at your things. Well, such ‘criminals’ are everywhere around the world, and in this one case in Costa Rica, it was a raccoon that fit the bill.

A short 30-second video on YouTube is regaling people around the world as it shows a curious raccoon sniffing around a bunch of people in what seems to be a park, till its attention is drawn to a woman holding a bag of food. The tiny animal makes a lunge at the bag, successfully snatching it from the woman’s hands, but it lands on the ground.

To find out what happened next in this neck-n-neck fight between raccoon and woman for the lunch bag, watch the video here.

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