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Watch: Michelle Obama imitating Barack Obama in this video is absolutely hilarious

By: Express Web Desk | Published:September 22, 2016 6:39 pm
Michelle Obama at her best Michelle Obama at her best

We all adore Michelle Obama for her wit and humour but she took it to another level on The Late Show with Stephen Volbert on Tuesday. A clip from the show was uploaded on YouTube on September 21 and it already has over 1 million views within a day and justifiably so.

In the video, the FLOTUS can be seen imitating POTUS Barack Obama during their dinner table conversations. “It’s usually at the dinner table. Malia will start it because she usually asks the serious question,” said Michelle and then went on to tell how Obama would answer her questions. “Well, I’m glad you asked that,” she said, imitating POTUS. “Let me just answer that in three points: 1, and then 1a, and then 1a and b,” while Michelle and Sasha would just like to talk about the latest Beyonce song.

She also joked about how difficult it is to get Obama to pose for the pictures and how he likes to listen to gossip because he “doesn’t have a life”.

On the feeling of leaving the White House, she said she has already told her daughters to start packing because if they won’t, she’ll “throw it out”.

Watch video:

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