WATCH: Groom almost slaps bride in the middle of the wedding vows

There is a reason for this. Really!

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: May 18, 2017 12:40:30 pm
funny videos, funny wedding videos, groom slaps bride in a wedding, bizarre wedding videos, indian express, indian express news The best part is the bride did not seem to mind. (Source: DailyPicksandFlicks/ YouTube)

The moment when a bride and a groom utter their vows, and solemnly vouch to be with one another as a friend and companion is undoubtedly very precious. But what if, at that beautiful moment the groom – who is supposed to spend the rest of his life with his partner –¬†ends up slapping her?

Don’t believe us? In a video that was posted on YouTube on May 12, one can see the groom slapping the bride in the midst of uttering his vows.

But before you jump to conclusions, it would be fair to reveal the reason. When they were taking their vows, a bee was buzzing dangerously close to the bride’s face, and in an effort to save her from being stung the the groom ended up almost slapping her. The incredulity of the moment made everyone break into laughter, but it was the bride who had the best response – “It’s okay. I’d rather have that than get stung,” she said.

Watch the video here.

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