WATCH: Blush’s latest video smashes gender stereotypes with swag screaming out #KaamSeMatlabRakh

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: March 15, 2017 4:51 pm
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Subtle or straightforward, gender stereotyping is plaguing our society more than ever. The way it has been deeply instilled in our culture and communities is shocking. Even when women choose to step out of the boundaries that society sets for her, she is labelled as a “woman CEO” or a man, who moves out to find his real identity, is called a “transgender model”. Why do we need to specify genders? Why can’t we accept everyone as humans alone?

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By labelling her a “woman CEO”, one isn’t breaking a stereotype, in fact, accepting and pandering to it. Women don’t seek to ‘equal’ men anymore — because that lacks ambition.  Instead, they’re just doing what they’re good at. While we hope that society’s mindset will change gradually, we still live in a world dominated by men. It’s time to take the bull by its horns this year and Culture Machine’s digital channel Blush takes a huge plunge with their latest video.

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Titled ‘Kaam Se Matlab Rakh’, this video puts the spotlight on the stereotypes that we are helplessly trapped in — our glossary of words which only mirror our limited minds. From “male nanny” and “lady driver” to “woman cinematographer” and “male classical dancer”, we have subtly assigned genders to occupations. Who coined these terms? Why does it labour with a gender-de­fining pre­fix? Why does it need a prefi­x, at all? This video aims to destroy these language traps that we are bound in and celebrate the equality of women in its true sense. Shibani Dandekar also features in the video, that voices the opinions of millions of women in our country who have been victim to gender and language stereotyping.

“Before we raise our flags and declare war against a gender discriminating status quo, before we hurl isms and march for the good fight, before we attempt the herculean task of ‘changing the world’ of the modern Indian working woman, we should start small, and simple. We must first realise, that a talent, a skill, a hobby, a passion or a profession, has nothing to do with gender. That no profession has a pre-defined gender association. We hope this video spark off some thought-provoking conversations and eventually move towards a more equal society.” Blush said in a statement.

Watch the video here.

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