WATCH: BBC reporter gets slapped on live TV for accidentally touching woman’s chest

The BBC journalist later took to Twitter to explain that the 'unfortunate interruption' was 'completely unintentional'.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 18, 2017 3:14:03 pm
funny videos, reporter groping women on live tv, women getting groped, bbc journalist gropes a woman accidentally, indian express, indian express news BBC reporter Ben Brown remained completely unaware of what he had done. (Source: Wizard/Youtube)

Reporting live can be taxing, and one needs to be prepared to handle anything – from flies suddenly entering their mouth to people who would suddenly walk into their frame while they are interviewing someone. Unfortunately, for BBC journalist Ben Brown, it was the latter situation, and things didn’t end too well as he accidentally touched a woman’s breast while steering her clear of his frame, and ended up getting slapped for it.

Brown was chatting about the launch of the UK Labour Party election manifesto in West Yorkshire with assistant political editor Norman Smith, when this woman walked into the shot and gave a thumbs up at the camera. Considering her as an intrusion, Brown reached across to steer her away, but accidentally ended up touching her chest in the process. The woman, evidently shocked immediately left the place but not before hitting him on his shoulder.

The funniest part is, the reporter remained oblivious to what he had done, and continued taking the interview with a straight face.

Watch the video here.


Brown was made aware of what had transpired, and the journalist took to Twitter to later clarify. “Unfortunate interruption of broadcast in Bradford – just tried to minimise disruption but v tricky live on air – completely unintentional”, he tweeted.



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