WATCH: People fighting for transgenders’ right at restaurant is the best thing you’ll see on Eid

As a man tried to oppose the presence of transgenders in the restaurant and vehemently asked them to leave, several other customers came forward to fight for them and argued they too have the equal right to have a Iftar meal at the eatery just like everyone else.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 26, 2017 10:10:08 pm
People coming out in support after the management of the artery asked them to leave will make your day.  (Source: Robi Axiata Limited/ Facebook)

What happens when people from the transgender community visit a restaurant? Do people behave normally around them or rebuke their presence? Well, few glares and awkward stares can be well anticipated but do other customers create a hostile environment for them? Trying to find all such answers a popular Bangladeshi telecom company carried out a social experiment at an eatery during the Ramzan and the results will make you smile.

The experiment shows two people from the transgender community walking into the place to break their fast, and order a meal. However, a man from the management is anxious by their presence and thinks it will “damage his business” and asks them to leave. What happens next will surely make this Eid special.

Bangladesh took a huge step to recognise the transgender community as a third gender in the country, however, social stigmas and prejudices still persist. But this video will make you believe humanity is not a lost cause.

Watch video here

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