Video: Woman calls out on the man who masturbates looking at her on the train

Deanna G Carter claims that the man was masturbating looking at her on the train.

By: Express Web Desk | Published: August 19, 2016 2:34 pm
New Yorker Deanna G Carter confronted a man who was masturbating while looking at her New Yorker Deanna G Carter confronted a man who was masturbating while looking at her

While travelling on the train or metro, women often have to face sleaze, offensive comments and actions by men, something for which they can be charged but most women tend to ignore it thinking they’re never going to see that person again so it doesn’t matter. This ignorance strengthen their ‘guts’ to behave inappropriately around other women and that’s what needs to stop. Thanks to technology and social media, public shaming and action followed by it have made it easier for women to speak up and stand up against harassment.

This is what New Yorker Deanna G Carter did. She confronted the man who she claims was masturbating on the train while looking at her. She didn’t keep mum, rather far from it, she filmed him, yelled at him in front of other passengers and threatened him to get off the train.

In an expletive-heavy video she posted online, she can be heard shouting, “Rubbing your dick? What the f**k are you doing? Do it again and I’m gettin’ up out this chair and I’mma bust your f***in’ a** on this train … you rub your dick when you get off the train. Do we f*****g understand each other?”

The man nods and rushes out of the train at the next stop after getting berated by the woman as people watch the entire episode quiet and unmoved.

“Tell me why this dude was rubbing his penis sitting across from me. I went off! I’m so mad right now. Got his face on the video tho. He better hope I never see his nasty a** again!” she wrote.

Watch video here.

The video has been viewed more than 3 million times and has also been shared over 28,000 times. People on social media are calling Carter a hero for calling out on the man.

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