Video: This pregnant women flash mob dancing to Despacito is SUPER-COOL!

Twenty-one pregnant women got together at the Taipei Railway Station in Taiwan for a flash mob, dancing to the famous song Despacito. The video's now gone viral with nearly 100 million views.

By: Trends Desk | Updated: October 19, 2017 11:15 am
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We love flash mobs. And when there’s one that features super-cool pregnant women grooving to the hit number Despacito with such sensuality, then how can we not cheer. Because that was exactly what we were doing as we came across this video of a group of 21 pregnant women abandoning all reservations and simply dancing to the Spanish song at the Taipei Railway station.

We’re not the only ones in love with the video, which has now gone viral with nearly 100 million views, and over 4,000 shares, at the time of writing.

The video was shared on Facebook by Janet Hsieh, a travel host for a show on Discovery TLC, who was part of the flash mob. She captioned it with a positive message on how one should celebrate pregancy. “If you are lucky enough to have a smooth pregnancy and get the OK from the doctors, don’t be afraid to go out there and live a normal life! Walk, exercise, and yes, even dance! You actually will feel quite good about yourself and the time goes by much faster. I even think that my body is better prepared to deal with some of the uncomfortable parts of pregnancy (back ache, sore waist, morning sickness, etc…) if you can try and stay active and do what makes you happy,” she wrote.

Watch the video here.

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