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Video: This ad celebrating working women is making waves across India

This new ad by a jewellery brand is making waves for breaking all stereotypes around working women.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published:September 11, 2016 1:50 pm
working-woman-ad-main_759_tanishq-yt This ad conveys a strong social message, but will consumers buy it?

Time and again in this section we’ve said how today’s advertisers are moving towards smart product placement while not selling the product but actually the story. How instead of reading out a list of things the product can do or should be used for, how it seamlessly blends into your life, and women empowerment is a story that hardly ever goes without praise.

A well-made ad by jewellery brand Tanishq (which previously gave us ads centred around second marriages and female entrepreneurs) celebrates the working woman and her everyday life. Not because she must be treated differently or be slotted into stereotypes, but because she is just like anyone else and can handle multiple things – from picking up heavy boxes and packing lunch for her kid to working dead into the night and travel to far-flung places for work. These women don’t want exclusions and special treatment, but just a fair one.

The 3.15-minute video challenges the patriarchal notions of what women should do, can do, and even cannot and should not do, the refrain ‘It’s the last thing on my mind’ is one that puts paid to all such thought processes. The tagline (or should we just shift to hashtags now?) #BestAtWork shows the only thought that actually drives women.

“To those who live in their little bubble/ That a girl can’t juggle between the office and the home/ Because they think it’ll be such a struggle. Well, it’s the last thing on my mind.
And how some colleagues get a kick/ By shooting their mouths to quick/ About how I’m getting ahead just because I’m a chick. It’s the last thing on my mind…”

Watch the ad here.

The ad instantly connected with people, with hundreds of thousands of views since it was uploaded on September 9. Comments included “Addresses everything you face at work! Absolutely amazing ad” and “I had heard a lot abt dis video n honestly speaking its worth d praise. A very well written script wid a powerful message. Evry women wl connect wid it. Well done”. But to be fair, there were a couple of detractors too, who called out the brand for reducing all this talk to just, well, jewellery at the end of the day.

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