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Video: Minions dancing to the beats of Jimikki Kammal is cuteness overload

Jimikki Kammal, a song that took social media by a storm, is back again with a new cover. However, this cover is surely a cuteness overload. Syncing to the catchy beats are the adorable little minions, who are sure to make us fall in love with the song, all over again.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: September 16, 2017 4:52 pm
Jimikki Kammal song, Jimikki Kammal video, minions dancing on Jimikki Kammal, minions videos, minions dancing to the beat of Jimikki Kammal, Indian express, Indian express news In the past also, we have been floored by the adorable dancing skills of Minions and here they are once again ruling our hearts. (Source: Tamizh Pakkam/ Facebook)

During Onam, a song that took social media by storm was Jimikki Kammal, with people from all across India dancing to its beat. The song was so catchy that even Jimmy Kimmel, the popular American TV show host, tripped on it, albeit for a short while. Subsequently, many videos of people enjoying and dancing to the song were uploaded. Interestingly, a new video has surfaced that is surely going to kill us with cuteness. In the video, the dancers are none other than our favourite Minions. The video titled ‘Jimikki Kammal Minnion Version’, which goes on for over a minute, is an absolute treat to the eyes. Synced perfectly with the beats of the song, the Minions seem to enjoy it as much as we did. In the past too, we were floored by their adorable dancing skills and here they are once again ruling our hearts.

Watch the video here


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