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VIDEO: Bittersweet treat? Robber offers DOUGHNUTS to customers after stealing their cash, smartphones

According to the CCTV footage of a doughnut shop in Houston, three criminals stole cash and cell phones. But just before leaving, one of them gave away doughnuts to the customers.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: November 13, 2017 8:19 pm
funny robbery videos, men steal donuts, thieves leave behind donuts, thieves treat customers, indian express, indian express news You won’t believe what these thieves did after robbing a doughnut shop. (Source: Houston Police Robbery/YouTube)

Adding a pinch of humour to robbery, many thieves have claimed to fame with their silly mistakes in the recent past. From a thief who tried to break into a garage through the window while the door was wide open to a bugler who left his phone inside the house he robbed and the one who got stuck in an extractor only to be rescued (arrested) by cops later — the bizarre incidents have come across as epic failures. In another such incident, a group of thieves added a “sweet” twist to their robbery at a doughnut shop in Houston.

According to reports, three suspects showed up at a doughnut shop in Houston, and stole cash and smart phones from shop owners and customers. However, before leaving the place, they did something unimaginable. One of them gave away a pair of braided doughnuts from behind the counter to the customers from whom, ironically, they had stolen cell phones. Can you believe it? Well, it’s true and the CCTV camera recorded a footage of the entire incident.

Watch the video here.

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