WATCH: Gigantic alligator dragged off from a private swimming pool

An alligator came into a family's backyard pool as an uninvited guest and was dragged off to a safer place.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: May 31, 2017 7:39 pm
alligator, alligator in pool, alligator swimming pool florida, alligator pool videos, alligator dragged off from pool, animal videos, indian express, indian express news The massive alligator was pulled out of the pool! (Source: Sarasota County (FL) Sheriff’s Office/Facebook)

A family in Florida got the biggest shock of their life when they spotted a massive alligator at the bottom of their swimming pool. Luckily, they happened to take a second look at the pool before jumping in and called the police for help. A Facebook page — Sarasota County (FL) Sheriff’s Office — shared a few pictures on social media, with the post: “Deputy Lori Clark was first to respond to the Plantation neighborhood where this healthy 7-8 ft. gator was at the bottom of a family’s swimming pool. MyFWC also responded and called out a trapper who will relocate the gator to a safer and more “appropriate” location…”

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Posting a follow-up to the story, the page also divulged that a young lady, who was cleaning the family’s pool, first called 911 when she saw the alligator. When they trapped it and pulled it out of the pool, the alligator attempted the “death roll” to defy them.

Eventually, it was dragged off the pool and relocated to a safer place. The 1-minute video has collected over 300,000 views on Facebook.

Watch the video here.

Look before you leap in Florida!

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