VIDEO: Tired of clicking on clickbait headlines? Trust us, and click on this link

Thousands of articles on the Internet are claiming to give us weight loss solutions in 'less than 10 days', tips to overcome heart breaks and also easy ways to become a billionaire, and not surprisingly we end up spending an obscene amount of time clicking on them.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: September 13, 2017 12:50 pm
clickbait articles, song on clickbait articles, songs of foil arms and hog, song on the Internet, indian express, indian express news Clickbait does know us so well! (Source: Foil Arms and Hog/YouTube)

With each passing day, digital media is gaining more relevance and prominence. Armed with our smart phones we are forever lost in the digital space as each headline screams out to attract our attention. It is no secret that we click on an article based mostly, if not completely, on the way its headline is worded — the catchier and more clickbait-ey, the better. Thousands of articles on the Internet claim have solutions to almost all our problems, from weight loss to heartbreak. You say it and it’s there, or is there?

Irish comedy sketch group Foil, Arms and Hog in their Clickbait Song hilariously sum up our irrepressible urge to click on these articles, the disappointment we feel on generally finding nothing substantial in them and the consequent guilt that plague us. The lyrics and the way they perform the song are bound to make you laugh.

Watch the video here.

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