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This Shah Rukh Khan short film from 1991 is finally going viral; and his fans love it!

This 1991 Shah Rukh Khan short film shows the King Khan knew the art of cinema and stealing the show way before he ruled on silver screen.

Written by Shreya Das | Kolkata | Updated: September 6, 2016 8:12 pm
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Internet takes the phrase ‘a blast from the past’ very seriously. Every now and then we encounter photos or videos of people from their past, and suddenly it’s like rediscovering the person anew. Recently, videos of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Mother Teresa resurfaced and took social media by storm. And now, the spotlight is on Bollywood’s badshah Shah Rukh Khan.

We all know that the King of Bollywood began his journey on the small screen before ruling our hearts on the silver screen. His TV anchoring days in Doordarshan and his roles in serials like Fauji and Circus are known to all. But a recent video uploaded on the YouTube shows that the star also played a lead role in a short film.

Titled Mahaan Karz, a lanky, cute SRK plays the role of a treasurer’s son seeking employment at the king’s palace. With witty one-liners and fine gestures, the video shows why SRK still rules the box office. The 17-minute-long 1991 film uploaded on Youtube channel SRKinMyBlood, has offered his fans reasons to cherish. There is another version that was uploaded three years back, but only managed to garner a bit over 1,000 views; whereas this version has been viewed over 3,000 times in a day… and counting!

The young SRK showcases all his skills and facets in the film — he smiles, he cries and even tries to attempt suicide! The only aspect missing, is him romancing someone. But then, it was something we discovered later and fell in love with through his 1995 block buster film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

This short film portrays SRK as a smart and intelligent young man, but also shows that he has faults. Well, we don’t want to give the film’s plot away, so that you can watch it for yourself. However, it would bode well for viewers to expect ‘a bit’ of exaggeration (and bafflement) in the climax. Nevertheless, this find is sure to be a delight for all his fans.

Watch the film here

(In case you hadn’t figured out, this article has been written by an SRK fan. In case you are one too, tell us what you thought of the film in the comments below.)