Watch: Four pairs of identical twins played time-travel prank in a train and it worked!

Would you believe any such pranks?

By: Trends Desk | Kolkata | Updated: November 19, 2016 6:35 pm
time travel, identical twins, time travel prank, identical twins prank, prank videos, time travel prank videos, viral videos, trending videos, latest news, viral news, indian express The New-York artist group over the years has done many such social experiments to see how people react to odd circumstances. (Source: Improv Everywhere/ Youtube)

Books and films have given us various opportunities to read and see what it must feel like to travel in time. From Hollywood hits like Kate and Leopold to Midnight in Paris or recent Bollywood drama, Baar Baar Dekho, writers somehow just love time travel, isn’t it? But how will you react if you suddenly encounter your future-self on a metro? Creepy, weird right?

If not yourself, imagine you see your fellow passenger’s future-self interacting with him or her. Well, if you see one such passenger you must pass it off casually but what if you see many such future-self? We would freak out, totally. If not, would be thinking that we are hallucinating or probably have dozed off while taking the ride.

Only in the case of this video, people on the train were not hallucinating or dreaming, they really witnessed four people interacting with their future-self; only to realise later it was a prank! Confused? A group of artists in New York played a prank in a subway train and attempted to baffle people.

Four pair of identical twins from a group called Improve Everywhere tried to create a situation as if time-travel was possible. One of the members asked everyone in the train to contribute some money for a time-machine. As few people were generous enough and started to donate money, the future-self (his identical twin) came in and tried to warn not to travel in time. Till this point people kept laughing and took it as a simple joke. But as soon as the future-self of two other contributors to the mission came forward to warn about it, people started getting confused if not anxious.

At this point, one passenger even said that it’s fake and they must be twin, but even before he could finish his sentence properly his future-self appeared before the public. As expected, seeing four such instances, passengers were dumbstruck. Check out in the video what actually people thought of the prank, did they fall for it?

Would you believe any such pranks?

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