Watch: While journalists decode Trump’s newly-coined term ‘covfefe’, a man makes dishes out of it

Donald Trump's mysterious night text with the word "covfefe" resulted in hilarious memes, and now people have decided to cook it and taste what it is like.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: June 1, 2017 8:24:02 pm
Donald Trump, Donald trump tweet, covfefe by Donald trump, memes on covfefe, indian express, indian express news You must try “Cofveve” at home. (Source: Smosh/ Facebook

A single tweet by US President Donald Trump on May 31 made social media very very happy. As his first official trip concluded and with that the plethora of memes and jokes it triggered, he decided to keep the social media buzzing for some more time. In what perhaps could have been a Twitter rant resulted in an incomprehensible midnight tweet and a plethora of more memes. His tweet read: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”, and the world woke up to a new word, “covfefe”. Is it coffee, is it conference? We don’t know but clearly want to.

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While social media tried in its own way to unravel the word and its meaning, a group of journalists tried to pronounce the word and perhaps understand what Trump was thinking while typing that. The result, much like the memes were hilarious.
Don’t believe us? Watch the video here.

If you thought “covfefe” could result only in some (hilarious) memes, you clearly have underestimated the power of the word. Apart from trying to understand what the word means, there are also those who have made an entire dish out of it. It doesn’t natter whether you know what it means or not. You can always cook and eat “covfefe”, and if the man is to be believed then it is “delicisuvehfofah”. We don’t doubt.

Watch the video here.

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