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Video: This UP farmer is disappointed that he didn’t get a ‘khat’ from Rahul Gandhi’s sabha

In Rahul Gandhi's today's khat sabha in Mirzapur, this one farmer couldn't get the khat.

By: Express Web Desk | Published:September 14, 2016 7:59 pm
People attending Rahul Gandhi's khat sabha yet again took away the cots but this one farmer couldn't People attending Rahul Gandhi’s khat sabha yet again took away the cots but this one farmer couldn’t

It was Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi’s first ‘Khat Sabha’ in Uttar Pradesh’s Rudrapur, his first mass contact programme, earlier this month, and the biggest takeaway from the event were actually khats (cots). Yes, you read that right!

As planned, the venue was replete with nearly 1,200 cots for people to come, sit and listen to Gandhi talk about his plans for the farmers of this country, but ridiculously enough, as soon as the speech got over, people picked up those khats and started walking towards their homes.

“This is a gift from Rahulji. Congress has always done a lot for farmers,” a farmer was quoted as saying.

Though it wasn’t actually a gift as the initial plan was to lay out cots that could be dismantled and used in other rallies, people didn’t shy away from picking up the cots.

However, in today’s khat sabha in Mirzapur, a few men were painfully disappointed that they didn’t get the khat as promised to them. A farmer Kailash Nat Kesari spoke to ANI, saying, “We were told by the Congress workers that we’ll get a khaat and a shirt. We haven’t got anything but a flag.”

Well, he is probably among the few who didn’t manage to get a cot because a lot of them did, again. Reportedly, after the event was over, announcement was made on not leaving without the cots but clearly, no one listened. “Khaat chodke chale jao,” said the announcers.

Listen to the disappointed farmer here:

Well, if the Congress workers did actually promise the farmers with a khat and a shirt, they should have fulfilled it! However, they should not mind because Gandhi himself said in his response to previous khat-chaos, “Kisan khatiya le jata hai, to wo ‘chor’ kehte hain. Magar jab bade bade udyogpati Mallya jaise bhaag jate hain, toh usse ‘defaulter’ kehte hain”.
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