All these tweets over #OROP had the almost exact text! ‘Agenda kya hai bhai?’

A series of fishy tweets with similar content over #OROP is trending, and it's all very ridiculous!

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: November 3, 2016 7:26:52 pm

The news of Ram Kishan Grewal, the  70-year-old ex-serviceman, committing suicide in the city allegedly over the issue of the One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme has started a political warfare of sorts. Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal and a couple of other leaders were detained while trying to meet Grewal’s family members, and since then the latter has become more talked about than anything else.

But, in the meantime, something interesting started happening on Twitter. People have been seen posting a similar and very oddly worded tweet in the context of the ongoing situation. A popular Facebook page posted the picture of such tweets recently and since then, these people are being called out for what seems like a fraud.

(Source: Unofficial Subramanian Swamy) (Source: Unofficial Subramanian Swamy)

These Twitter users are condemning those agitating for OROP, saying how they and their family members have benefited from the government having not implemented OROP yet. But what seems out of place in these tweets are that they are all just the same! If you read all of them, you’d probably come to the conclusion that Subodh seems to have a  husband (same sex marriage is illegal in India, so we’re not quite sure what was going on there), and Chirag’s brother, Bannerji’s friend and Shikha’s husband — all just happen to be the same guy, or they just all got their pensions doubled!

Twitter user Subodh K Srivastava probably realised his mistake and deleted his tweet. After all, better late than never.

People were quick to put one and one together to come to plausible explanations.

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And these guys are not the only ones who seemed to have been tweeting out the same thing over and over again.


In no time, others started calling these Twitter users out for what probably seems like a hushed campaign by BJP party supporters.



Us right now: “I don’t understand this ridiculous rubbish, my headache has doubled, WTF is wrong? Agenda kya hai bhai!”

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