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This wedding card with Paytm, Sodexo options is the most practical ‘invite’ ever

This is probably how the modern Indian wedding card should be.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published:September 12, 2016 3:18 pm
wedding-card-main_759 This e-invite covers all the basics, from gifting options to sweets.

Indian weddings are all about tradition, rites and rituals. In fact, as more and more inter-religious and inter-cultural marriages happen, rather than opt for a composite, simple wedding, families simply marry the couple off multiple times – each with its own elaborate ceremony. After all, it’s aimed to be a once in a lifetime affair, you really don’t want to be upsetting the grand uncles and aunts.

Of the many things that are of utmost importance – from the venue to the dress – one that has to be decided very early on is the wedding card. Now, there are a lot of experiments going on with many new age couples opting for fun cards that are quirky, while other prefer to stick to traditional ones.

But the thing about these wedding cards is also that though they’re sent to relatives and friends in far-flung places, or even those who are in the same city, it’s usually done because that’s what is expected. There is no counting the number of times these cards are posted with a wish and a hope that the recipient never ends up at the wedding.

At such puzzling times, there is one wedding card that seems to present a fantastic solution! This card has gone viral on social media platforms, and though we haven’t been able to ascertain whether this is genuine or not, it definitely gives the rest of us a LOT of very practical ideas on how to deal with pesky relatives you don’t want at your wedding, but without doing away with the gifting or the “shaadi ki mithai”.


wedding-card-whole_759 (Source: scbra/Twitter)

Now, we’re not sure if this card – assuming it is genuine – came with a second part that provided the venue or time details, but if we’re being honest, all the basics are pretty much covered. You’re being informed of the holy union, you know where to send your gift and you can get the sweets delivered home, so you don’t miss out on the food.

All done! No uncomfortable questions; no unnecessary gossip; no smiling at the uncle you don’t know and don’t want to either…

Of course, all this was done to reduce pollution and go more digital, the rest of it is just add-on perks.

#WeddingGoals, we say! No?