Mumbai man trolls the guy who promised him Canadian PR; the result is hilarious!

Found your email spammed with people offering you jobs and even declaring you a winner of a lottery? You could try this next time!

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: October 3, 2016 5:40:14 pm
Funny Internet replies, funny reply to scam, hilarious scam replies, how to tackle scam mails, how to avoid scam mails, man replies hilariously to scam mails, indian express, indian express news Can’t figure out what to do with scam mails? Follow suit! (Source: Vaibhav Vishal)

Most times, in fact, every single time we get a mail from some company offering us a job or a visa or even a lottery, we sneer and keep our phones aside, because we know these are scams. That is exactly what Mumbai-based Vaibhav Vishal did too when he got a similar email in July 2016. Vishal got a mail marked “Canada Immigration” from someone called Suman Jha from Prime Track, an ISO 9001:2008 certified firm specialising in sending people to far out countries.

Jha’s email informed Vishal that his CV had successfully passed through their screening process after having “reviewed your profile profoundly”. However, there was a tiny problem — Vishal had never sent them a CV, which is why he initially just dismissed them.

But that wasn’t the last he would hear of Jha and Prime Track. According to a rather lengthy blog post Vishal later wrote, soon his email was flooded with emails from the company. And this time, he decided to give it back – leading to a hilarious series of exchanges. And the result was a hilarious exchange between Vishal and Jha, that will have you in splits.

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He wrote a long reply to Jha to clarify a niggling doubt — he asked him the correct pronunciation of Quebec, a Canadian city. But that was only one of the many things that were hilarious in his reply.

Vishal, who narrated the entire incident on his blog, also posted screenshots of his email exchanges.

His first reply to Jha. (Source: Vaibhav Vishal) His first reply to Jha. (Source: Vaibhav Vishal)

Jha obviously wasn’t pleased with the writer’s rather long reply, and replied curtly: “Had I asked you to write for your biography?”

To which, Vishal replied:

(Source: Vaibhav Vishal) (Source: Vaibhav Vishal)


(Source: Vaibhav Vishal) (Source: Vaibhav Vishal)

Jha was, by now, done with Vishal and he said: “According to my experience, you are not able. Thanks.” But little did Jha think that Vishal now has his heart set on going to Canada and he was adamant.

But Jha meant business. He was firm when he said: “Without assessment of documents nothing is possible.”

And we had a situation on our hands.

(Source: Vaibhav Vishal) (Source: Vaibhav Vishal)

When the professional Mr Jha informed Vishal that police verification of documents was a mandatory procedure, Vishal did the needful.

(Source: Vaibhav Vishal) (Source: Vaibhav Vishal)

By the way, Vishal decided to Photoshop Mrime Minister Narendra Modi’s Masters degree certificate as his own to send to Jha!

Jha was losing his patience, visibly, but decided to give ‘foolish Vishal’ another chance at pursuing his dreams to land in Canada. He replied asking to give him a call on a number, and this was Vishal’s reply.

(Source: Vaibhav Vishal) (Source: Vaibhav Vishal)

That was it. Mr Jha had to help many people live their dreams! He really had no time for this.

(Source: Vaibhav Vishal) (Source: Vaibhav Vishal)

Yes, you do not mess with people of such high stature and importance like that! Good for you, Vishal, you asked for it!

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