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This Mumbai man’s Facebook post on his 50-second life-changing encounter with Ratan Tata will inspire you

'Last Night I read a book on Leadership in 50 seconds!'

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: May 25, 2017 3:44 pm
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How often have you come across a personality of great stature, authority and wealth who is still humble and grounded? Well, this Mumbai man met someone who changed his life in less than a minute. Sumeet Nagdev’s chance encounter with Ratan Tata, well-known philanthropist and Indian businessman, is now making waves on the Internet and understandably so.

Starting his post by writing ‘Last Night I read a book on Leadership in 50 seconds!’ Nagdev went on to give a detailed observation he made about the industrialist in that 50 seconds, at the reception of Taj Mahal Hotel at Colaba in Mumbai. He wrote about Tata’s humility and his disdain towards being treated as a privileged member of the the VIP community in India. Already awed by Tata, when Nagdev asked his valet driver if he is always like that, he was apparently told: “He is amazing Sir. His car was waiting in line like others and the cops behind insisted to push it forward but he will always refuse. He doesn’t like it if we don’t check his car like everyone’s is being checked.”

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Read the Facebook post here. 

“Last Night I read a book on Leadership in 50 seconds!
After my company’s performance, I was waiting for my car at the reception of the Taj Mahal Hotel Colaba. I have no idea why I turned around facing the hotel lobby and happened to observe a very gentle walk by a man in his late 70’s escorted by 2 management personnel. In a flash, I removed my phone and asked Neeraj please take a pic of me with him. (something I have NEVER done). I asked the personnel escorting him ‘May I have a picture with him?’, and in a very Taj eloquent tone he replied, ‘Sorry Sir its a little late’. I respected that. In that instance I observed that these Black Jacket Men are not his personal bodyguards or anything but Taj Hotel General Managers who have not been asked to do this by him, but they are just there. It was 11pm and I could sense, He is a bit tired. He spoke to the concierge staff in a very soft tone and handed over his parking ticket, I kept wondering where is his car or driver? He gently walks to the next car that arrives an old white honda civic, gets into the drivers’ seat and like all common drivers in the world, struggles to get his wallet out from his butt pocket, does that, removes a tip and hands it over to the valet driver (says thank you – assuming that as he said something to which the driver smiled). He drives off and everything at the Taj is the same as 50 seconds back! My car comes in next and I was beaming that I saw a leader whose quotes, case studies, books and actions have inspired me for more than a decade. I asked my valet driver, “is he always like that?”.
“He is amazing Sir. His car was waiting in line like others and the cops behind insisted to push it forward but he will always refuse. He doesn’t like it if we don’t check his car like everyone’s is being checked.”

True leadership is not about doing extraordinary things but doing common things in an extraordinary manner.
He was the owner of the hotel, the former chairman of the Tata Group and India’s foremost philanthropist – Ratan Tata (79)”

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  1. K
    Kishor Kumar Sinha
    May 26, 2017 at 6:30 pm
    Sir bhuat accha laga aapke history jankar but hamare life mai to an possible hai umied hai appse ho sake to samara vi help kar do accha rega my contact no. 8600419954
    1. S
      Shishir Chand
      May 26, 2017 at 1:14 pm
      I am the last man to be impressed after reading this. Ratan Tata is a man of symbolism just like our present PM. My younger brother , who is no more , too had a brief 15 minutes life-ending encounter with a Tata Group Company, Tata Steel. One late night , he rushed to TATA Steel run TATA Hospital in Jamshedpur with chest pain and uneasiness. At the Emergency War, he met a Senior Surgeon emplo by Tata Steel whose gross, reckless and criminal negligence led to the death of my brother. This killer surgeon could neither decipher six symptoms of an impending cardiac arrest nor read a simple ECG. My brother was asked to return home with the wrong medication for acidity. He died the next day of heart attack. MCI found the doctor guilty of gross negligence and recommended suspension of licence. In last 2.5 years, i have failed to get the true copy of the medical degree of the accused doctor. He claims to have have done MBBS during Laloo's Jungle Raj in Bihar.
      1. C
        May 25, 2017 at 5:31 pm
        Hope our elected guys and other show guys would follow him and tell their chamchas to follow the same. Jaihind