Here’s how peacocks mate, with video proof

Because we must know our biological sciences.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 1, 2017 2:12 pm
peacock don't have sex, peacock don't have sex national bird, peacock mating, how peacocks mate, rajasthan high court judge, indian express, indian express news Peahens are said to prefer males with large and colourful tail feathers, which signify their sexual and physical fitness. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

In our today’s contribution to random things one must know, we look at the mating rituals of peafowls, a combined name for peacocks and peahens. Peafowls are found in three types, Pavo cristatus, Pavo muticus, Afropavo congensis. The stunning peacock is India’s national bird, and is known for the brilliant blue and green tail feathers that they use to attract the females. Peahens are said to prefer males with large and colourful tail feathers, which signify their sexual and physical fitness.

According to, peacocks are polygynous birds, which means they mate with several peahens during the mating season, though the green peafowls have shown signs of monogamy in captivity. The peacock apparently also uses the act of copulation to attract other females.

The breeding season for the bird is during spring, and according to, once a peahen is suitably impressed, she will crouch on the ground. “The peacock will then perform a “hoot dash,” where he rushes toward the peahen while making a really loud call. Yorzinski (Jessica Yorzinski, an evolutionary biologist at Purdue University in Lafayette, Ind.) previously found that this copulation hoot might function to attract other females. Finally, the peacock will climb onto the peahen’s back and transfer sperm by pressing his cloaca (waste and reproductive orifice) against her cloaca. Mating complete, the pair departs ways to mate with other peafowls.”

Here are five videos of peacocks mating, which have been curated for scientific and educational purposes only.

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