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From selling newspapers to graduating from IIT, this UP girl has come a long way

By: Trends Desk | Published:November 4, 2016 1:58 pm
Shivangi's story is truly inspiring Shivangi’s story is truly inspiring

You must have come across a lot of success stories from rural India but each time you read one, don’t you feel truly inspired!? Here’s one such story that will melt your heart.

Meet Shivangi. She is a girl from Deha village, about 60 kms from Kanpur and used to sell newspapers and magazines with her father. She used to attend a government school and study whenever she got free time from her father’s store. One fine day she read about Anand Kumar’s Super 30, an educational programme started by the man to prepare aspiring engineers from extremely poor families to crack IIT. Shivangi approached him and was selected for the programme. She made it to IIT and is now earning for herself and her family.

Her story was shared by Kumar on Facebook who was very emotional about her success. He said she became a family member while she stayed and took care of his mother when she was unwell. “She would address my mother as ‘dadi’ and we felt she is our daughter. Whenever my mother’s health was impaired, she would help and sleep next to her,” he wrote. He also added that looking at Shivangi, his mother hoped to be blessed with girls in her next birth as well.

Kumar’s post, originally written in Hindi has gone viral with over 9000 likes and 900 shares in three days.

Here’s what he wrote.

“This is one story in two photos. These photos are a mirror as well as tears. They have a story from the past and the present. This is music and melody. It is the silence of the past and courage of the present. These are the photos of my student Shivangi. The first photograph is of the time when Shivangi came to study in Super 30 with her father, and the other is of Shivangi today. While she was in school she sold magazines and newspapers on the roadside shop to help her father, handling the store completely alone when he went home to bring lunch.
But whenever she would get time, she would study.

Shivangi hails from a small place called Deha which is around 60 kms away from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. She completed her secondary education from a government school there. One day she read about Super 30 and came to me.

While at Super 30, she became a part of my family. She would address my mother as ‘dadi’ and we felt she is our daughter. Whenever my mother’s health was impaired, she would help and sleep next to her. IIT Results were announced and she was preparing to go to IIT Roorkee. She had tears in her eyes and all the women in my family were also crying. It felt as if we were giving away our daughter to someone else. As she was leaving, her father said that people have dreams and sometimes these dreams become reality but he never had such a big dream.

Even today, Shivangi keeps in touch with our family. As soon as we got to know that she has got a job, my whole family was immensely happy. My mother was the happiest and all she said with tears in her eyes is that she hopes to be blessed with daughters in her next life too.”

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