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This Muslim actress’ response after she was insulted for celebrating Durga Puja is winning hearts online

Popular Bengali actress Nusrat Jahan was trolled online for celebrating Durga Puja and many accused her for not being a true Muslim. A few users also alleged she never greeted fands on Eid or Muharram but was wishing her fans Happy Puja.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: October 4, 2017 8:32 pm
Popular Bengali actress Nusrat Jahan was shamed for celebrating a Hindu festival being a Muslim.

Durga Puja is the biggest festival celebrated by the Bengalis, across the world, but its epicentre is in Kolkata, where people of all faiths come together and participate in the gala. However, when a popular Bengali actress Nusrat Jahan kept posting her photos and videos how she was carousing the five-day gala, she was slammed and ridiculed online for not being a “true Muslim.”

Jahan, who was also one of the judges for the Kolkata Municipal Corporation to select the best puja for 2017, was slammed by many as they thought she was “unfit as she did not know about Durga Puja.”

Her Facebook profile was flooded with slut-shamming to derogatory slurs in the past few days. It all began when she posted a video of herself by greeting everyone for the festival. Most of the users who wrote in Bengali accused her of not wishing Muslims on popular Islamic festivals and also reminded her that it is a “sin” if Muslims worship idols. A few users also questioned her faith and the what kind of upbringing she has received, others asked her to change her name and even called her a ‘kaafir’.

But with the positive support of many fans, the actress was not deterred by the hate. In two post, she shut all remarks and debates. “We all are human being, until race disconnected us… religion separated us.. politics divided us and wealth classified us. If u say I’m not religious.. I believe I’m humanists first. Let’s be human first 🙏 preach love and respect, not Religion..!!! Subha Maha Nabami to all, ” the Bengali star wrote.

When trolls still kept spreading hate and criticised her celebrating a Hindu festival, she replied with love thanking all her fans and followers who stood up for her.

“Every1 who follows me on twitter.. like me on fb.. plz continue to do so if u agree with my beliefs n thoughts… then u truly believe in humanity… keep the love coming… be true to humanity… only then u can be true to God..!! I love u all.. for all the love n for all the not so much ‘love’, ” she posted later.

Even though she has tried to rise above all hatred and celebrate the joyous festival, people mocked her for celebrating Vijay Dashami, when it was followed by Muharram.

This is not the first time online trolls have slammed some popular star for celebrating festival outside their faith. While in December last year, another Bengali popular actor and RJ, Mir was slammed for celebrating Christmas, recently Sussanne Khan got trolled for celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi.

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  1. V
    Oct 6, 2017 at 4:41 am
    Good on you Nusrat, Good luck and watch your back.
    1. D
      Oct 5, 2017 at 1:28 pm
      This proves that Muslim woman are not satisfied with Allah or Islam and want to convert to Hindus.
      1. V
        Oct 5, 2017 at 12:42 pm
        You guys shud raise voice of revenge against mughal terrorists and arab terrorists.........but instead you follow them, they come to our country and buy young muslims girls to enjoy them in their country and after them beat them torture them......WHY YOU PEOPLE CANT UNDERSTAND THIS???????? IS IT BECAZ CONGRESS TELLS YOU THAT HINDUS ARE YOUR ENEMIES??? BUT YOU YOURSELF ARE HINDUS!!!
        1. V
          Oct 5, 2017 at 12:39 pm
          One more thing......YOu shud read history how rape murder and brutal torture was inflicted on your ancestors by arab terrorists to convert your previous generatons into islam.........and NOW YOU guys worship the same ENEMIES....arab terrorists/mughal terrorists..........History is filled with examples of these brutal torture...HAVE SOME SANITY and UNDERSTAND this......
          1. V
            Oct 5, 2017 at 12:36 pm
            THESE CONVERTS ARE MISSING THE BASIC REASONING, how come some allah be creator of this world when concept of allah was itself created just 1400 YEARS BACK!!! STOP BEING FOOLS...........and how come you converts be muslims when you people were forced to converts JUST FEW GENERATIONS BACK!!!!!!!!! APPLY BRAINS............AND WHAT YOU WORSHIP IN KABA IS A SHIVLINGA. Father and Uncle of mohammad were a SHIVA BHAKTA, THEY BUILT THAT SHIVALINGA IN KABA. Kaba is one of the names of THE COSMIC GOD LORD SHIVA. And allah is the GOD MOTHER AMBA. But mohhamad got greedy and just to set HIMSELF AS GOD he started fooling people........You people shud know this atleast......dont you?
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