‘Who is Wonder Woman’s boyfriend?’: This adorable mother-daughter conversation is winning hearts on the Internet

A mother took her daughter to watch Wonder Woman, but was intrigued to know if Captain America was her boyfriend! Amusing, much?

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: June 7, 2017 9:25:58 pm
wonder woman, captain america, Chris pine, Chirs evans, marvel comics Ever tried explaining parents about comic characters? (Source: @Cinesnark/Twitter)

Many times, our parents fail to connect with our craze and loyalty for superheroes, forget the multifaceted details and trajectories of their conquests. But, every now and then, most of us wish we could introduce our favourite comic character to our parents and explain what exactly is so fascinating about their charismatic character and stories. Thanks to superhero movies, introducing anyone to characters like Captain America or Batman has become quite easy. But once they get intrigued, it’s impossible to ignore the list of their questions that can be linked to the superhero’s past.

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One such instance occurred when a woman took her mom for a movie date and the mother-daughter duo enjoyed Wonder Woman. Of course, the mother was excited and did what mothers do best — to inquire about someone’s love life, yes their favourite topic — dating! Twitter user Sarah’s mom liked the film and was glad that Wonder Woman made “friends with people at the war”, but the most important question she wanted to know was — is Captain America her boyfriend? A very motherly inquisition, isn’t it?

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Sarah tried explaining to her mother that no, “her boyfriend is Steve Trevor” and Captain America is Steve Rogers, who was part of World War II, while Wonder Woman was part of World War I. But, were both played by “blonde actors named Chris”.

What happened next became a delightful conversation for the Netizens but certainly not for her mother. She was convinced it was the same Steve, and of course, with the two Chris playing the superheroes, it’s surely a “Chrisis”, as one Twitter user ruled.

The mother-daughter conversation is winning hearts on the micro-blogging site and people have become huge fans of Sarah’s mom. Adorable, isn’t it?

Did you ever have a similar experience with your parents? Share it in the comments below.

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