Woman returns $5,000 she finds in Domino’s box; gets free pizza for a year

A San Jose woman got an unexpected delivery!

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: October 2, 2016 5:17 pm
pizza-dominos_759 What goes around, comes around.

When this woman ordered a box of chicken wings from Domino’s she definitely didn’t expect the free side-dish that came with it. Identified as Selena Avalos, from San Jose, California, the woman thought she was getting a regular delivery box, only to discover being the unexpected finder of a bundle of $5,000 that had somehow ended up in her box.

Following the adage of honesty is the best policy, Avalos got in touch with Domino’s about the cash. According to a Telegraph report, the woman was surprised, though, about the length of time the restaurant took to get back to her and take the cash.

“I was like, I can’t keep it, it’s a crazy amount of money, it’s not like it’s $20 you find, you know. It’s almost $5,000,” she reportedly told ABC7.

Domino’s collected the money after the restaurant manager got in touch with Avalos and arranged for it to be picked up. Not only that, as a show of appreciation, Avalos now gets a year-long supply of free Domino’s pizzas.

As if that wasn’t enough (and honestly, we think it wasn’t!), Avalos’ employer has given her a week off with pay for her honesty!

Well, all this may not still be worth the $5,000 she gave back, but she’s definitely earned herself a place in today’s honesty hall of fame, should anyone ever decide to create one.

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