‘What’s in a name?’ Some of the most terrible jokes people make when you say your name

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published:July 14, 2017 4:36 pm
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We have all come across at least one Rahul in our lives and tried really hard to suppress an urge to say “naam to suna hi hoga”. Or met an Aditi and silently began to hum “Hey Aditi, hass de, hass de.” As much as we are well within our right to blame Bollywood for feeding these jokes in our head – so much so, some have even cost us our friendships at one point of time – we are no less when it comes to making terrible jokes or puns in an attempt to break ice with somebody. Don’t believe us? Well, a recent trend on the Internet shows that people can come up with some really interesting and creative (no, they aren’t) ways to ANNOY others when they say their names.

No, these are not some unpronouncable names of South Indians that we are talking about. They are the really common ones like Aditi, Rohan, Rahul, and Aditya. Surprised? Well, human minds work in mysterious ways and these tweets are definite proof.

From hearing Nyle and going “Oh like river Nile?” to changing Pearl to Paul or even worse Pallavi (how even!) — there’s no dearth of terrible jokes that some people take it upon themselves to crack. They push you to such a point that you would stop caring about what they call you at all.

But no, not all of them are as bad, because in the same pattern of jokes, there were a couple who kept it low on the drama quotient. Sample some of them here.

Has your name generated terrible jokes too? Let us know in the comments’ section below.

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