WATCH: Video of man hurling racist abuses in Canada goes viral

The man, who was being issued a ticket for illegally parking his truck in a reserved area, yelled racist abuses at a man of Indian origin for recording his aggressive behaviour.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: October 26, 2016 2:29 pm
canada-racist-vid_759_bilalspeaks-twitter This wasn’t the first time this guy was a victim of racism either. (Source: BilalSpeaks/Twitter)

While US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump talked about building walls and sending ‘people’ who are not Americans back, Canada has often created a welcoming image of itself, given that once it even had a ministry of multiculturalism. But, as this recent viral video has shown, things are not all peachy there either.

A video of a racist confrontation in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, has gone viral, with people outraged at the incident. According to several media reports, on October 21, a bylaw officer was issuing a ticket to a man who had illegally parked his truck in a reserved spot. The man became very aggressive at the incident and threatening as well.

It was then that a passerby, who happened to be of Indian origin, started filming the conversation on his phone camera. In the 2.27-minute video, a man aggressively comes charging at the guy filming, later identified as Ravi Duhra, calling him a “Hindu” and a “P*ki” who “should go back to India”.

The other guy even stomps back into his truck and shouts, “white power motherf*****”, while beating his chest. He goes on to ask, “When did you come to Canada?” When Duhra says he was born there, the man looks a bit stumped, but then resumes his attack by saying, “Did you ever wear a turban? You should. I think your wife would like you better.”

All through the video, Duhra says nothing back at his verbal attacker. In an interview with Canadian Global News, Duhra said that this was not the first time he’d been a victim of racism. “This isn’t my first bout of racism, and it probably won’t be the last either,” Duhra said. “I think the difference this time was the aggression. I’ve never had anybody be that aggressive towards me, who I’ve never seen before in my life and I’ve never spoken to.”

Watch the shocking video here.

Abbotsford police are now reportedly investigating the incident, and the man in question has been identified. Social media is abuzz with people strongly reacting to the video. Some people even said that they were considering moving to Canada should Trump become US President, but were now reconsidering their decision.

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