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Watch: Four-year-old cancer patient gets to ‘marry’ her favourite nurse

Sometimes dreams come true when you are least expecting them to.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published:September 16, 2016 10:55 am
abby matt wedding, abby cancer patient wedding, abby marries her favourite nurse, amazing abby, amazing abby wedding, four year old amazing abby wedding, indian express, indian express news This four-year-old cancer patient gets a dream wedding. (Source: UNILAD/Facebook)

The things that you sometimes wish for might seem funny to others, even if it means so much to you. But we feel you should continue dreaming because you never know, you might just get to see that unicorn someday. Just like the dream of this little girl came true. Four-year-old Abby is a cancer patient and wanted to marry Matt Hickling — her favourite nurse at the hospital she was getting treated at. And everyone decided to give the little girl a delightful surprise by staging a surprise wedding for her! Yes, and her joy had no bounds when she saw the nurse waiting for her.

When little Abby unknowingly walked into the hospital corridors that day, little must have she known that her dream was soon going to come true.  The Albany Medical Center in New York decided to surprise the cute little girl after Abby had told her mother that she wanted to marry Hickling.

Almost all of the staff at AMC’s Melodies Center for Childhood Cancer was there to attend the ‘wedding’ as Abby walked down a rose petal aisle holding her mother’s hand. She wore an adorable princess gown carrying a bouquet of roses donated by a local florist for the occasion.

Awed by the surprise, all she could say was, “this is so sweet!” Though, Abby’s physician officiated the wedding, it was the joyful little girl herself who proposed Hickling marriage.

Abby was even treated to a delicious cake after which the ‘newly-married couple’ hopped into a hot pink car.

Watch the video of Abby’s dream wedding here.

Dream wedding come true, ain’t it?