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Video: This little boy SOBBING because he doesn’t want ‘grown-up’ teeth is ADORABLE!

This little boy is sobbing because he doesn't want 'grown-up teeth' because that would mean he would have to grow up! Now, who can argue with such adorable logic?

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: September 14, 2017 9:12 pm
Child doesn't want to grow up, cute child video, cute boy crying after losing his tooth, cute boy wants his tooth back, cute kids videos, viral videos, Indian express, Indian express news We’re sure you’d cry too if you thought losing a tooth meant growing up! (Source: Bestproducts.com/You Tube)

Kid videos are one of the best things about the Internet and social media. You can simply click through them one after the other and you’d be assured of an entertaining time. Well, one of the adorable videos that is currently doing the rounds online is that of this toddler crying because he’s lost one of his teeth, which he wants back because he doesn’t want ‘grown-up teeth’. Not that we disagree. Kids’ teeth are infinitely cuter, but this video is even more so.

His mother tries to pacify the young sobbing boy by telling him that grown-up teeth aren’t as bad as he thinks they are, but to find out if the logic worked, you need to watch the video.

Watch the video here

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