This Pakistani actress’ Facebook post on people’s hypocrisy during Ramzan is going viral

Ushna Shah has been called brave and honest by many lauding her on social media after her Facebook post calling out people who pretend to be kind and compassionate during Ramzan.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: May 29, 2017 11:22 am
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The holy month of Ramzan started on May 26 this year. The ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Ramzan is of utmost importance to Muslims across their world, who observe observe fast, offer prayers and seek forgiveness. They observe fast from dawn to dusk and are expected to be involved actively in giving alms, good deeds and charity during this month. However, among all the Ramadan/Ramzan Mubarak greetings and Facebook posts, it is that of Ushna Shah, a Pakistani actress and TV host, that is turning heads on social media. Shah has written against the “hypocrisy” of Muslims who “send me those ‘Ramzan Mubarak’ graphics captioned with speeches about how auspicious the month is and how holy you feel” but get back to being their ‘not-so-holy’ selves once the auspicious month is over.

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“For some, this is a holy month of prayer, discipline and ablution. *For others, it’s the month of selling Islam and being a shameless hypocrite.*” she wrote. She has stated that she is not very religious, but at the same time, has asserted how she will not disrespect the religion and pretend to be “truly abiding by the faith … to gain the respect and the money I do not deserve.”

Read the Facebook post here. 

“I’ll jump on the ‘Ramzan Mubarak’ status bandwagon and leave my two cents here:
(Note: this does not apply to everyone, but it applies to a LOT of people we all know).
If you’re a di*k before Ramadan and if you’re a di*k after Ramadan, please don’t send me those ‘Ramzan Mubarak’ graphics captioned with speeches about how auspicious the month is and how holy you feel and how you seek forgiveness from Allah and send me the holiest of greetings.
You’re going back to being a di*k after eid and you know it!
It’s the same people every year.
The same directors who have hit on me and not given me work because some other actress gave in. The same people who have spread disgusting lies about me or exaggerated truths to blacken my name. The same jealous people who have gone out of their way to wish ill for me. The same people I have seen hurt myself and/or others for personal gains or even for no reason at all. The same people that will be bystanders as our minorities are tormented on a daily basis. The same people that could give zero effs about the plight of the voiceless in this country; be it the poor, be it animals, be it minorities, be it anyone.
You’d be surprised at how many people do this, and they do this every year! Every. Year
For some, this is a holy month of prayer, discipline and ablution. *For others, it’s the month of selling Islam and being a shameless hypocrite.* And ladies (you know who you are) You can wear your white veils, put on the most angelic makeup with the lightest glowing highlighter, pronounce your Arabic vowels from deep within your esophagus, pretend to be descended straight from above (especially some of my favourite television personalities), but your souls will remain rotten and ugly as long as your behaviour is the same for every other month. You’ll go back to lying, spreading malicious gossip, being cruel, selling yourselves to get ahead, screwing people over etc etc..
I’m not very religious, that is obvious, but I will take being a bystander and being deemed whatever the hell they deem me, over exploiting our religion any day! I have zero respect for the veil dawning Virgin Marys who make millions off Ramzam transmission by preaching the word of God on Iftar shows and become tutti fruitties a month later.
Many people will pretend to be someone they are not for a mere 30 days to cash in on this holy month, I may not keep all my fasts or say all my prayers, but I sure as hell won’t disrespect Islam and the millions of people fasting and truly abiding by the faith by pretending to do so just to gain the respect and the money I do not deserve.
Ramzan Mubarak :-)
Note: before you criticize, read this post carefully and try to understand that I am not targeting people who truly believe in the spirit of Islam, I’m targeting the hypocrites fake it every year for either pseudo respect or money.”

Her Facebook post received a huge positive response from people who agreed with her and lauded her for speaking up without fear and in all honesty.

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  1. Z
    May 30, 2017 at 5:32 am
    You said it right if really Ppl get back to routine after holy month of Ramzan it's of no use. I just wonder how come Muslim countries indulge in such a state of sin. Truely Allah is great Provided us with Will to use or misuse, to surrender or challenge, to choose the right or wrong. Allah the one, the unseen, the unimaginable supreme is GREAT.
    1. K
      May 29, 2017 at 7:02 pm
      even 1 do not fast mullas never how can they spread hate otherwise from mosques loud speakers always reduce the month to 28 days pounce upon food at iftar like hungry hawks all drama and no surrender before god fake faith and always boast on so and so is in quran all laws on lips only not for following by the religion of peace amximum violence erupts during holy month wait and watch
      1. H
        May 29, 2017 at 2:50 pm
        brave say this in stan.. but, why demean other actresses to whom she lost work? jealous?
        1. A
          May 29, 2017 at 12:44 pm
          very Brave lady . To speak like this is a crime punishable by death in Pak1stan. I don't fast during ramzan and i never waste my time praying to some imaginary being. Religion is a waste of time and only meant for insecure , unintelligent minds who cannot comprehend fundamental scientific facts.
          1. O
            May 29, 2017 at 6:58 pm
            It's not a crime punishable by death, get your facts right about stan!
            1. Z
              May 30, 2017 at 5:42 am
              Hello hidden scientist stop your wise words and advices Born how- don't know living how - don't know died why - don't know When you have so many don't knows you Ppl are disgrace to matter of truth n wisdom. Any how enjoy your life as your lungs are breathing the way it has to breath even then when you did not know what breathing means...