Ultimate prank: Two Australians say they entered North Korea posing as golfers

The Brisbane men were chaperoned around for the entire five-day trip as part of the conditions of their travel.

By: Trends Desk | Kolkata | Updated: November 4, 2016 3:51 pm
australia, north korea, aussie pranksters north korea, men impose as golfer in north korea, Aussie impostor in north korea, viral news, trending news, latest news Both the men were also taken on a tour in North Korea’s capital city. (Source: Evan Shay/ Facebook)

Being an imposter can get you in some serious trouble and to do it in North Korea of all the places in the world is even more dangerous. But two men from Australia carried out a big bluff and even managed to escape the land unharmed.

Two Brisbane men masqueraded as top golfers and fooled North Korean officials into playing in an international tournament in the ‘totalitarian state’ of Kim Jong-Un, Australia’s Nine News reported. “The duo Morgan Ruig and Evan Shay, both 28, were on a polo tour in China when they decided to enter the North Korean Amateur Golf Championships on October 8-9 by email,” the report said.

They not only entered the country and participated in the international event but also received a great hospitality from the host country and enjoyed many perks. After their application was accepted, the pair decided to adorn themselves out in “official-looking” green blazers with badges reading: “Polo and Golf Grand Slam Tour The Orient 2016.” Its jersey did work and they were triumphant in befooling the organisers of the event where 85 international players participated.

According to the report, “The Brisbane men were chaperoned around for the entire five-day trip as part of the conditions of their travel.”

The duo, businessmen by profession, failed miserably while playing at the Pyongyang Golf complex, the country’s only golf course – coming second from bottom in the tournament. The report further added, “A local person told Mr Ruig and Mr Shay they had played so badly that they brought shame on their families.”

They were taken on official visits around the restricted capital city of Pyongyang, and there are pictures of the men standing next to statues of the country’s dictators Kim Jong-Un and Kim Jong-Il with bouquets of flowers.

Sharing their experience after being back home, they agreed of being sacred when they had to submit their passports on entering the country. Ruig told the Courier Mail that they had been “very nervous” when they had to hand over their passports. “There are stories of people not coming home,” he said. “It’s a place where you tread lightly but if you go off the beaten track they don’t muck about and lock you up.”

The ‘relieved’ pranksters’ tale have now gone viral.

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