This picture posted on Imgur has gone viral because people can’t spot what’s wrong with it

Take a good look at the picture.

By: Trends Desk | Published: January 13, 2017 7:39 pm
Source: Imgur Source: Imgur

Optical illusions are a thing on the Internet now! It all started after blue-black or white-golden, picture of which viral on social media. From then on, there was no stopping to such pictures which included, a jacket, a pair of shoes, and what not. In fact, recently, picture of a group of girls went viral on social media because there were six girls in the photo but only five pair of feet were visible.

Something similar is happening again. Imgur user AMassiveTRexHoldingaBaby shared picture of a girl which at first, looks like, has three legs! The picture which shows the girl sitting on the floor with two white-coloured buckets on her side was posted on Jan 9 and ever since, it has got 250,000 views.

The response to the photo was massive. “Legit had to stare at this pic for a full minute before my brain told me what was going on,” read the caption on the photo. “After several very confusing minutes i still dont know what is happening here”, “This is so weird, first I couldn’t see it, now I can’t unsee it”, “3 legged Hentai fetish of course,” read the responses.

Take a good look at the picture.

Still couldn’t figure out? Well, there’s a vase in her hand!

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