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This dog dying of brain tumour lived long enough to attend his owner’s wedding

It was love at first sight for Kelly O'Connell when this beautiful labrador mix dog who was just 12-weeks-old was brought to her.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: September 19, 2016 11:48 am
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The bond people share with their pets is beyond words, and they know they will love them  all their lives. The same goes for the pets too, because no matter how tired or exhausted you are, when you come home, you’ll always have your dog waiting for you, wanting to lovingly lick all your worries away. That was probably the story of Charlie Bear — a black labrador mix and his owner Kelly O’Connell, too. Just that, 15-year-old Charlie was battling brain tumour and lived only long enough to see O’Connell get married earlier in September 2016.

(Source: JenDz Photography/Facebook) (Source: JenDz Photography/Facebook)

O’Connell met Charlie when he was just 12 weeks old and was brought to the animal shelter she was studying at to be a veterinarian. He was found abandoned in a  shopping cart outside a grocery store. According to BuzzFeed, for Kelly, who was 19-years-old then, it was love at first sight. “still living with my parents and going to college. It was the worst time in my life to even attempt to get a dog.” “He came in, and I was like, ‘Yup. I’m taking this puppy home,’” she said.

Charlie soon became her best friend. So much so, they practically “grew up together” and moved together from New York to Colorado. And when O’Connell met James Garvin,a fellow veterinarian, she and her beloved dog moved in with him and his two sons, and they stayed together as one big happy family.

(Source: JenDz Photography/Facebook) (Source: JenDz Photography/Facebook)

According to reports, in April 2015, Charlie had a seizure while walking and was diagnosed with brain tumour. With just a week to go for the wedding, his seizures increased and he suffered. That’s when Garvin and O’Connell decided to end his suffering and put him to sleep.

He walked  down the aisle at O’Connell’s wedding along with another of their five dogs, but was too exhausted to walk back, so was carried by ‘Connell’s sister. According to BuzzFeed, Charlie was put to sleep on September 9. With his family by his side, he died a peaceful death.

(Source: JenDz Photography/Facebook) (Source: JenDz Photography/Facebook)

The wedding pictures show a beautiful looking O’Connell and equally happy Charlie. The photos have garnered so much of love on social media, that they have been shared close to 27,000 times and are trending widely.