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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Lactose intolerant man writes to Starbucks in HILARIOUS Facebook post from his TOILET!

This was the second time Demit Strato was given an order with regular milk instead of soy milk, and things did not end well. Obviously in much discomfort and pain, Strato added a post-script to this message: "P.S. I'm writing this from the comfort OF MY TOILET."

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: June 29, 2017 7:03:34 pm
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As much as haven toilets can be, it’s not the same as opting to stay there relaxing on the pot, as being forced to do so. For Demit Strato from New York, though, it was the latter. And he took to Facebook to tell the people responsible – as well as the world – as to why he was in the state.

In a hilarious note posted on Starbucks’ Facebook page, Strato explains, “This is the second time I ordered a Venti Iced Coffe with Soy Milk this month where the Soy Milk request was ignored and regular milk was instead used. I’ve pooped 11 times since the A.M. My bottom hurts from all the wiping. Do you think I enjoy soy milk? Does anyone enjoy soy milk? Really? I don’t order soy mill because I’m bored and want my drink order to sound fancy. I order soy milk so that my bottom doesnt blast fire for 4 hours. I’m not a Charmander. Thank you for listening to my rant.”

Obviously in much discomfort and pain, Strato added a post-script to this message: “P.S. I’m writing this from the comfort OF MY TOILET.”


Though it’s not really polite to laugh at someone else’s misfortune, this post has generated a lot of LOLs and ROFLs, if the comments are anything to go by. Shared over 35,000 times and with almost half-a-million likes and hundreds of thousands of comments, the post has now gone viral.

Some people who shared Strato’s predicament also extended their heartfelt sympathies, joining in with his protest towards the beverages chain.

According to media reports, Starbucks has responded to Strato privately, so here’s hoping there are no more toilet sagas in the New Yorker’s futur any more.

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