Father’s Day 2017: These dads have become social media sensations because of their sheer awesomeness

Special stories and moments about these dads that took Internet by storm, winning hearts and inspiring hundred others.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: June 18, 2017 2:04 pm
While some of their stories might move you to tears and others make you laugh, they surely won hearts on the Internet.

Daddy, appa, baba, papa — no matter what term of endearment we use to address our father with, they are always special. A man who relentlessly works for his family to ensure everyone is happy and content; who becomes a shield, when you are in distress; a guide who directs us on how to lead in every tricky situation; a man who motivates when he fail and gives us a stern talk if being defiant. But unfortunately, it’s not every day that we thank him for his love and brilliance.

And with time, also thanks to social media, we have come across few very inspiring and cool dads who have taken social media by storm. Be it for their unabated sacrifice or amazing dancing skills, these dads are nothing but social media stars.

So, on this Father’s Day, we take a look at these five fathers who became social media sensations.

The story of this disabled beggar and his relentless sacrifice and struggle to ensure happiness of his children left everyone in tears. (Source: GMB Akash/Facebook)

Father who saved for two years to buy a dress for his daughter

Earlier this year everyone saw a picture of a little girl in a bright yellow frock, while his elated father kept clicking her with his mobile phone. A common sight, isn’t it, then why did it go viral? Well, because of the story. This disabled father identified as Md Kawsar Hussain could only manage to buy the pretty dress for his daughter after saving up for two whole years. The moving tale shared by Bangladesh photographer left everyone teary-eyed on social media and his story on how his children’s happiness is more valuable to him than money won zillion hearts on the Internet. Read the full story here.

His story also contains an anecdote from his child’s life when he motivated a girl to ‘kick like a girl’ in a game. (Source: Humans Of Bombay/Facebook)

Mumbai father who is teaching his sons “it’s okay to cry” and treat girls with equality and respect

Parenting is not an easy task, especially in a society where people’s mindsets are conditioned about the gender disparities between men and women. A society where sexist rules like “boys don’t cry” and “act like a lady” is thought to be correct. Here, among all such rhetoric ‘norms’ a Mumbai father’s story wherein he says how he reassures his sons that it is “okay to cry” and not any ‘less manly’. Most importantly, among other lessons, he also teaches them to treat girls as their equals, even in little things like a game of cricket or football. Read the full story here.

Now, Phil Morgese has inspired many other dads to bond with their daughter in this unique way. (Source: Daddy Daughter Hair Factory/ Facebook)

Daddy Daughter hair factory: Changing the way how little girls bond with their father

Having your hair brushed by someone is the greatest feeling on earth. However, even if combing is acceptable, many dads find themselves in a fix about how to help their little angels manage their tresses, forget about styling them. So, when single-dad Phil Morgese was clueless how to help his little Emma with her hair, he tried learning the basic things like putting a clip or tying a ribbon and later it became a passion — styling his daughter’s hair. In fact, it’s not about fashion or looking pretty, but it’s all about bonding with your child and redefine the way, girls consider their dad a hero. With free bi-weekly class spread across 13 states in the US, Emma and Phil are social media stars in every sense.

With cool dancing moves and glares, this duo is just superb. (Source: BP Film & Photo/ Youtube)

Epic father-daughter first dance that amazed everyone on the Internet

Giving away his daughter at her wedding is an extremely emotional moment in any father’s life. While she leaves the hands of her childhood hero to hold the hands of a man for the rest of her life, makes every dad teary-eyed. But, this father-daughter duo decided it’s not going to be about tears, but only about laughter and DANCE! While first dance with dad may be a pretty common ritual at weddings, it’s only few waltz moves and hugs with tears but not for Utah dad Nathan Ellison and his daughter bride Mikayla Phillips. Flaunting some extraordinary dance moves — from popping and locking to hip-hop, this first dance with father was epic, receiving applause not just from the guests but also online.

Watch video here

The duo even performed at two LA Sparks games, for crowds of around 10,000. (Source: Austynn Samarco/ Facebook)

Internet couldn’t have enough of this father-daughter doing the Whip, Nae Nae

If you thought you’ve seen enough father-daughter dancing, then you are wrong. Millions watched Austynn Samarco and her dad, Josh, dancing to “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),” a song by rapper Silento with built-in dance moves. Their video went viral across social media platform, with nearly 13 million views on YouTube. The two who instantly became an Internet sensation was invited to many talk shows and events, including the Ellen Show. With a simple message in the background with the American flag to support US troops overseas, this video went viral for their cool moves.

Watch video here


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