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Express Share Feed: Watch these funny videos to turn your boring day eventful!

Ready for some daily dose of fun?

By: Trends Desk | Updated: December 1, 2016 3:25 pm
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It’s just mid-week and we can’t wait for the weekends, it’s not Monday blues alone, every day can be stressful and gloomy. So, to uplift your mood and spirit we will provide you some quick relief and zest of fun in the boring life. From funny videos to quirky gifs, this will refresh you and add humour quotient to tackle the daily odds.

Add to that, we have our daily dose of what’s trending in the online space and our minds. So, take a look and share with all those who need a laugh or just be clued in on what’s going on.


shrutic15 December 1, 20163:27 pm

When salary day is no fun: So near, yet so far!
It’s pay day but sadly people are not elated – virtual wallets may be full, but with cash crunch it’s a sad day. Standing in long queues outside bank or ATM? Well, this is what you need to overcome paydaypain

shrutic15 December 1, 20163:23 pm

When ducks get into ponds only to find it’s all ice!

We humans get baffled by mirage on hot summer days, well these little birdies were confused by frozen lakes. The poor fellas thought they would swim when entering the lakes and ponds, but instead skated on their webbed feet!

shrutic15 December 1, 20163:11 pm

When it’s fancy dress competition for goats!

Who said man should have all the fun? Well, we have seen dogs getting dressed for Halloween, but have you ever seen goats decked up as a fashion queen? If not then you have to see this. At a New Jersey rescue and rehabilitation centre for goats, the caregiver noticed that the restless kids became calm when they were made to look pretty! Yes, these adorable ones are decked up as a “healing process.”

shrutic15 December 1, 20163:04 pm

Wedding fails compilation

Now, a couple’s wedding day is one of the most important of their lives, and everything absolutely HAS to be perfect. But what if the universe had other plans? There are times when things go oh-so-wrong, much to the amusement of those present, including the bride and groom! Take a look.