‘My English is not good’: This boy describes his struggle with his love for Forrest Gump

A boy described his struggle because of not being able to speak in English well on the Facebook page Humans of New York.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 17, 2017 10:26:23 pm
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How many times do people judge others for pronouncing a word incorrectly or not being fluent in English? Making fun of them or ridiculing them for how they speak English only undermines their confidence further. Can a language define you? No, right? Then why are we so obsessed with English?

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A boy described his struggle because of not being able to speak in English well on the Facebook page Humans of New York. Resonating his life with that of the lead character from the movie Forrest Gump, he wrote a heartfelt post and it has touched many hearts.

Read what he wrote here.

“My English is not good. Spoken English is very difficult. But I want to study at Columbia so I am trying to improve. I decided to come to America because of Forrest Gump. I’ve watched the movie five times. I like Forrest very much. Forrest is very simple. He picks one thing, and he keeps going. When I was young, I thought Forrest was stupid. But now I have a different view. I think people are too complicated. They complain about everything. Forrest never complains. Forrest chooses one thing and he keeps going. I watched the movie last month to encourage me. My life is hard because people don’t ever know what I’m saying. But I just think of Forrest. Forrest figured everything out because he just kept going.”

A lot of people went on to post similar stories or lent their support to the kid. One person commented: “I’ve never understood why some people were unkind if someone speaks a language not well. I mean, at least they can speak multiple! That’s not always an easy task! I think it is super impressive, I couldn’t care less if someone spoke broken English to me, the fact is they STILL learned and are trying! Languages are amazing.”

Take a look at his actual post:

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