Old photo shows married couple were at the same spot 11 years ago; here’s how

Destiny had already decided to unite this couple who crossed their paths almost 11 years back. Ye and his wife Xue, who are now blessed with twin daughters, had visited the May Fourth Square in the seaside city of Qingdao at the same exact moment.

Written by Anjali Jha | New Delhi | Updated: March 14, 2018 10:46 pm
couple in China have discovered that they both visited May Fourth Square as teenagers Do you believe in destiny? This Chinese couple’s love story will make you change your mind. (Source: dickfromaccounting/Reddit)

Photographs help capture moments that stay long after the memories disintegrate. When Ye and Xue visited the May Fourth Square in the seaside city of Qingdao, they had no idea that they would end up getting married. It so happened that Xue had gone to the square with her mother, and Ye was also there with a tour group. Initially, Ye’s mother had to accompany him for the trip, but she suffered from an appendicitis at the last moment.

According to news reports, Ye discovered this fact on March 4 — while browsing through old photographs of his wife at his mother-in-law’s place so as to compare who resembled more with their daughters. A picture caught him offguard, in which Xue was clad in a white dress, and was posing in front of a large sculpture in the public square. In the background, Ye could also be seen smiling for the shutters in a blue T-shirt and black trousers.

As soon as Ye recalled the startling series of events and realised the puzzling game of destiny, he shared his story on China’s social media platforms, and it soon went viral on Reddit and Twitter too. China Daily reported that many of Ye’s friends commented on how the couple was meant for each other. Reportedly, Ye and his wife Xue met and fell in love in 2011 in Chengdu, and have twin daughters.

What an incredible coincidence, isn’t it?

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