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Would you spend $500 on your goldfish? This woman did

When an attentive mother saved her pet and did not hesitate to spend a few grands.

By: Express Web Desk | Kolkata | Updated: September 17, 2016 12:52 am
goldfish, australia, goldfish surgery, goldfish expensive surgery, austalia girl pet surgery, pet expensive surgery, goldfish swalloed pebble, goldfish pebble surgery, australia news, world news, odd news, viral news, latest news Conquer the goldfish swallowed and pebble from it’s tank and endangered its life. (Source: Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Services/ Facebook)

Our beloved pets often turn adventurous and land themselves in trouble. Well, sometimes it’s a sly mistake and sometimes it can be life threatening. This is exactly what happened when a little one-year-old goldfish tried to eat a pebble from his tank and chocked itself. But guess what? Its owner didn’t let it go, took her for a surgery and paid $500 for it.

The elfin goldfish named Conquer, only 5 cm-long, swallowed a pebble of about 8-9mm long. Noticing something was ‘fishy’ about her pet, owner Emma Marsh of Brisbane, Australia panicked and rushed her to the Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary service centre.

The doctors at the veterinary taking note of its critical condition tried to provide it relief soon by pulling out the “offending stone” from Conquer’s mouth.

In order to save it, the doctors dipped it in anesthetic water and inserted an instrument in its mouth pulling out the pebble. Veterinarian Dr. Emma McMillan said that even she was surprised by the size of the pebble Conquer swallowed, the Courier Mail reported.

“The pebble was about 8 or 9mm long and was stuck lengthways across the side of his mouth, which is why he couldn’t spit it back out. He was making excessive mouth movements trying to dislodge it … if we did nothing he would have starved to death,” Dr. McMillan was quoted as saying.

But the most interesting part of the entire surgery was that it cost its owner Emma whooping $500. However, the dotting mom of the tiny goldfish did not hesitate to pay the grand bill. “I treat fish like they’re any other pet,” she said. Reportedly, the emergency consultation cost more than $100, with another $400 for the anaesthetic and overnight hospital stay, but the little one was fine and definitely relieved. A goldfish of Conquer’s size usually costs around $12 or $14.

Well, this is not the first time tiny goldfish’s surgery has gone viral. Last year a UK family had paid £500 to sponsor operation on two goldfish. Star, the goldfish, underwent tricky operation to remove cancerous eye while Nemo underwent a procedure to remove a lump.