Ask Twitterati what Apple product can they buy with their account balance, and trust them to leave you in splits!

Which Apple product can YOUR account balance get you?

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: October 31, 2016 10:34 am
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We have been, at least once in our lifetime, asked the question what if we won a lottery, how would we spend all the money. And we have, as a result, embarked on a daydream of sorts, only to come back to face the reality, in which we obviously are ten times poorer in most cases.

Something on similar lines happened on Twitter recently, when a user asked the question: “With your current account balance, which Apple product can you buy?” Now, for the uninitiated, the Apple brand is undoubtedly one of the top in the market. And with such great class, the MacBooks, iPads, iPhones etc., come at exorbitant prices. But every time the Apple launches its latest product, it still manages to send ripples across a majority of the population, who swear by their iPhones.

In this case, however, the responses that the user, who goes by the name Whis on the social media site, must not have been what he really expected. But for us, they definitely made for a hilarious read.

Surprisingly, (or not) people knew exactly what they could buy with their current account balance. While one user said iPhone 2, others said apple juice, apple vinegar, apple sauce, jams and almost anything under the sun which had apple in it!



We feel you, brother.

This guy actually decided to give his account balance and his eligibility to own an iPhone some serious thought.


This guy came quite close to buying one.


With the latest Apple product or the iPhone 7 plus prices at Rs 51,295, people’s amusing replies definitely do not come as a surprise though!

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