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Momina Mustehsan of ‘Afreen’ fame is being lauded for her response to this guy who said she isn’t pretty

Momina asked, “Why would being compared to a maid be something offensive?” are they not considered humans.

By: Express Web Desk | Kolkata | Updated: September 16, 2016 7:33 pm
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The recent rendition of the song Afreen kept everyone hooked and it wasn’t because of the Rahat Fateh Ali Khan alone. There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard the voice of Momina Mustehsan, who accompanied him in the song for Coke Studio Pakistan and was not mesmerised.

She had become the Internet sensation for her melodious voice earlier but now she is gaining respect for her hard-hitting reply to a guy who compared her to his house “maid”. Well, no, she did not react because she was compared a domestic help, she reacted to his objectionable statement that said, “She’s not even close to beautiful. She’s just your day to day average looking girl. No offense but she resembles the maid at my house.”

Momina replied to the above comment saying, “Resembling your maid isn’t offensive, I’m glad I have lookalikes who work hard, even if it’s as a maid at someone’s house #RespectAll.”

As she stopped the person with this brilliant sarcastic response, she later took to social media to ask, “Didn’t know “maid girls” at a Pakistani’s house couldn’t be beautiful. You CANNOT write-off someone and consider them inferior in any way based on how much money they make. WHY can’t a “maid girl” be beautiful?!”

When celebrities often ignore such crude comments, Momina took a stand and decide to give it back to the man. She asked, “Why would being compared to a maid be something offensive?”

In her own way she asked the guy to “chill out”, as she never claimed that she is beautiful.

Momina’s reply was applauded on various social media platforms and her response has created some buzz.

Here is how people reacted to the guy’s rude remark and her brilliant response:

Whether she is really a stunning diva or not is a separate question, we can definitely say she deserves an applause foe this.