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This annoyed deer did NOT appreciate posing for a Japanese tourist’s selfie

It is not just humans, even animals are now fed up of people's increasing obsession with smartphones and the selfie culture.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: September 12, 2016 12:29 pm
deer's reaction selfie, woman's selfie with deer viral, selfies, epic selfies of 2016, epic 2016 selfies, funny animals, funny animal pictures, indian express, indian express news A deer gave a priceless expression when he was made to pose for a selfie. (Source: khaonewstv18/Facebook)

Just because most of us love clicking pictures and are obsessed with our smartphones, it need not mean everyone is okay with it. There are others, who love being in touch with nature, that so much as a selfie would not go down well with them. No, we are not talking about humans, this time, it is a deer who is irritated by our smartphone-obsessed behaviour.

Yes, when this tourist in Japan decided to pose with a deer in the city of Nara for a quick selfie, it would seem her sudden intrusion into the sika deer’s privacy did not really go down well with the mammal – going by the rather blah-ed out expression he’s giving the camera. Yes, this deer’s expression has gone viral after the woman, Hong Qiqi, posted the picture on a Taiwan Facebook page Baoliao Commune, said a Metro report.

Hong, who is apparently the woman in the pictures, wrote, “Am I not good at taking selfies?” She was dismayed to see the deer’s unwillingness to cooperate while she gleefully posed for a picture with him. “It’s essential to take pictures with deer since [I am] in Nara. However, this deer did not cooperate,” she said.

Obviously, many users on Facebook found the picture funny and tried to decipher what was the animal thinking, after all. According to the Daily Mail, one of the users wrote,”The deer must be thinking: “Here comes another tourist who wants a selfie but doesn’t feed me.”