People in Kannur ‘mourn sudden death’ of an ATM, place wreath at the shut door

'Condolences to the ATM that left us before its time. The funeral will be conducted after Modi returns from Japan.'

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: November 18, 2016 1:40:07 pm
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People across the country are queuing up outside banks and ATMs so that they can carry on their normal life.  Many are yet to get over the ‘shock’ ever since the Central government’s demonitisation policy came into effect. The situation is same across the country. In Kerala however, some people have decided to take light of this awry situation. In Kannur district, like anywhere else, people were waiting to withdraw money, only to realise that the ATM has stopped working. Instead of creating a ruckus, they did something unusual, and funny!

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On the sad and untimely ‘demise’ of the ATM, people decided to place a wreath with pink and yellow flowers on the shut door of one of the ATMs in the district. They also wrote a condolence message, which was evidently directed at the PM. Though whoever came up with the idea did not create a scene on knowing that the ATM is shut, their creative way just about sent the message across to those who care.

This is probably not the only ATM that’s shut after the government’s announcement. People have been looking for every means to pay hospital bills and buy basic necessities.

The note on the wreath, written in Malayalam translated to: “Condolences to the ATM that left us before its time. The funeral will be conducted after Modi returns from Japan.”

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This satirical take on the current situation that people across the country are collectively facing might bring in some respite? Or will it?

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